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Educating, Engaging, and Empowering People

Watertown Forward is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent right and responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. 

We started in 2020, with the goal of ensuring that the Watertown's Charter Review process included and reflected robust public discussion and input. We did this through public "Charter Chats", forums, surveys, newsletters, social & traditional media, and more. 

The voters approved the revised Charter -- which reflected significant resident input -- in November 2021. 

Now we are focusing on two things. 

  1. Bringing transparency to the enactment of the Charter changes through our Charter Dashboard.

  2. Educating, engaging & empowering residents so that they can raise their voices on other timely government initiatives and issues.

Are you interested in creating a better future for Watertown? We would love to have you join our team, in a role that plays to your strengths and interests, and respects your availability. 

Here are some illustrative examples:

  • Facebook: admin the group, make regular posts, engage followers, admit members

  • City Chats: act as Zoom host; help plan Chats; facilitate Chats

  • Charter: monitor progress so we can update our dashboard

  • Community Outreach: help build awareness of our work, so we can engage as many residents as possible 

  • Translation: translate our content so we can reach more people

Whatever talents and time you can offer, we will find a way for you to be part of our efforts. We look forward to connecting and exploring possibilities.


Janis Hudson, Chair, Nicole Gardner, Tony Palomba, and Tia Tilson

Watertown Forward Steering Committee

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